This is an internal project within Cognizant that lets people train their presenting skills in virtual reality. We track certain statistics about their performance and use this to give real-time feedback and a summary afterwards. In the video below you can see the product as it currently is, but unfortunately the Oculus Quest I recorded this on didn’t capture my voice while explaining what I’m doing.

We currently track and analyze things like:

  • Spoken text (using Microsoft Speech SDK)
  • Words per minute
  • Meaningless words (interjections and fillers)
  • Voice volume and pitch
  • Audience attention
  • Movement
  • And more

I worked mainly on almost everything related to the data tracking and analyzing, the summary UI and it’s functionality, porting from HTC Vive to Oculus Quest and saving and loading data and presentation slides.

  • Made with Unity C#
  • Team size 2
  • Made for learning courses within Cognizant