This project is a direct result of my second year internship. I worked in an international and interdisciplinary team of students. Our team consisted of a business entrepreneur, a graphics and UX designer, a geography researcher and me as a game developer. We were given the opportunity to think about and work on a solution against damage through heavy rainfall in Amsterdam.

The goal of the game is to prevent rainfall damage through buying and installing measures, growing and making products for profits and cleaning up active floods. Players interact with the game via an web panel that is accessible via their smartphone. They will then answer questions in a quiz which will reward them with spendable actions in the game. The game will create slowly create bigger and bigger rain clouds that will float over the city, ending in a massive rainstorm.

This game was completely made by me, although my team helped me brainstorm for ideas about the gameplay and design. The art was made by our graphics designer.

A demo can be found here. Please note that for demo purposes I have removed the web page connection as well as the quiz and simply added random events to showcase the gameplay.

  • Language Unity C#
  • Team size 4
  • Made for second year internship project