My team is responsible for maintaining and updating the mobile GamePoint Family games: Cardparty, BattleSolitaire, Wordtornado, Klavenjassen and Hearthunt. Aside from routine work (fixing bugs, updating SDKs, etc.) our team also took a lead in improving, prototyping and implementing new features, for example: arenas, vanity, logging in, daily missions, holiday based events and more. BattleSolitaire, Klavenjassen and Hearts were all games that I personally worked on porting to mobile from scratch.


I also worked on some internal tools that are intended as a Unity editor tool that will help both designers and developers. It’s currently split up into 2 main components:

Flow management for prototyping that allows the user to easily connect different screens together and make things happen without needing the help of a programmer to create specific features.

Prefab support tool that organizes and show the UI prefabs visually to allow for rapid creation of new prefabs like screens and dialogs with just a few clicks. This was inspired by a GDC talk by Natalia Rebrova on “Building a unified cross-project UI framework”.

  • Language used C#
  • Worked on Card System, Anything Gameplay, Vanity, Arenas, Events, Asset Bundles, Internal Tools
  • Techniques used Unity
  • Team size 4