My very first experience with programming was starting with automation in AutoIt. Every since I started I’ve automated simple and complex tasks simply to train myself or to make my life a little easier. Some of the bigger examples are: a simple hitbox editor for a game I was creating, a bot that placed bets online (it was allowed) and the one I’m showing here.

I’ve been played a game called My Time at Portia, which is a game where the player crafts and sells items. I wanted to know what item would give me the highest profit. So I wrote a script (in AutoIt) that gathered all info about the game from an online spreadsheet and converted it (with C#) into a workable JSON format. Then I simply used this data to perform a search on and display it in a nice form.

I used ObjectListView for the form elements as it was an easier way of working with these types of GUI elements.

  • Languages used AutoIt, C# (forms)